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Pine Forest
  • Are these herbal blends only for men?
    Not at all. Pine pollen is an adaptogen, meaning it adapts to regulate the body's hormonal balance rather than brute force excess testosterone in to the bloodstream in the way a steroid does. The result is that the androgenic substances in pine pollen work to optimize the testosterone and DHEA in the blood stream to restore any decreasing levels and also suit a more energetic lifestyle, regardless of gender.
  • How much of the product should i take?
    The general rule of thumb is 3 full squeezes of the pipette taken sublingually (under the tongue) and held there for roughly one minute to allow the extract to enter the blood stream. Take it first thing in the morning before breakfast, and optionally again before dinner.
  • What are the side effects of pine pollen based extracts?
    Everyone is different when it comes to the way their bodies react to the intake of certain substances. While the vast majority of our consumers do not experience any negative side effects whatsoever, we can not guarantee this will be the case for everyone. A minority of consumers have reported the following negative side effects: - increased aggression - increased heart rate - increased perspiration - sudden weight loss - allergic reaction We are not medical professionals and accept no liabilty for any adverse health effects caused by the consumption of our products. Please consult your doctor before embarking on any new supplementation and do your research.
  • How long until i notice results?
    All our extracts are 100% herbal meaning they do not affect the body in the same way a synthetic drug does. Drugs are designed to have an instant but unnatural effect on the body. Herbal supplements take time to accumulate in the body and therefore we have noticed that based on our guidelines for dosage, full results can be expected at around the 3 week mark.
  • Should I cycle my intake?
    Yes. Although all our ingredients are 100% natural and organic, they still need to be cycled to avoid desensitization. Some more sensitive individuals may also experience some endocrinal shutdown from some of our stronger blends, meaning a cycling approach is highly recommended. We personally recommend a 5 week on, 2 week off cycle - but we recommend that you personally experiment with this. Some people prefer a 3 week/1 week cycle.
  • What will happen if i stop taking these extracts?
    These herbal formulas are in no way like steroids. When on steroids your body's endocrine system shuts down all production of testosterone, meaning that if you stop taking them you are left with low levels of testosterone and will suffer from a whole host of side effects, including impotence, ED and lethargy. Pine pollen contains the androgens Testosterone, Androsterone, DHEA and adrostenedione, but these are "plant versions" of these hormones. This means they are not quite identical to the human varieties of these hormones. However the body physiologically responds to these hormones in the same way that it would if these were produced by the body, but with the added benefit of the endocrine system not recognizing them as the same hormones that it regulates, meaning it does not shut down the body's own production of these hormones. This mean that you can maintain your baseline hormone levels, whilst boosting them very effectively. As a result, when you cease the intake of pine pollen and other herbs, your body gently returns to it's normal state, without any "cold turkey" period. We still like to account for the outliers to this general rule however, and acknowledge that some more sensitive individuals may need to taper off to avoid mild endocrinal shutdown, which is why we suggest a cycling approach.

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