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  • High Strength 1:1 Ratio.
  • Made from 100% organic wild harvested pinus massoniana lamb pine pollen, organic maca root powder and alcohol.
  • No water content..
  • Extended distillation.


BEST FOR: Estrogen Suppression, Fertility, Mood


Our brilliant pro-testosterone / anti-estrogen formula with added fertility and anti-depressant qualities.  


Maca Root is a powerful anti-estrogen that is rich in anti-oxidants. It's also a powerful anti-depressant, strongly influencing mood and reducing stress hormones in the body that would otherwise decrease healthy androgen levels. Other benefits of maca root include increased sperm count and semen volume, sexual regeneration, stamina and energy.


This pine pollen and maca blend is a perfect choice for those wanting to boost androgens, reduce estrogen and stress hormones and also improve semen volume and sperm count.


Alcohol extraction is the superior means of obtaining the full benefits of pine pollen as the sublingual intake enables the phyto-androgens to enter the bloodstream at the base of the tongue.

Pine Pollen Extract + Maca Root (30ml)

£14.80 Regular Price
£13.80Sale Price
  • Our pine pollen and maca root tinctures are made from 100% organic pinus massoniana lamb pine pollen and organic maca root powder, using food grade alcohol as a solvent. Our product is distilled and packaged in our domestic facility under the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness. Each tincture is bottled inside a 30ml dark amber glass bottle.

pine pollen tribulus
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