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**WE STRONGLY ADVISE CYCLING THIS BLEND** (Please see dosage instructions)


BEST FOR: Testosterone Support, Reversing Testicular Atrophy, Libido, Estrogen Suppression, Sexual Health, Erectile Dysfunction, Mood, Anti-aging...


Experience our brand new cutting edge formula, based on the latest reserach by Dr Andrew Huberman. Fadogia Agrestis & Tongkat Ali are becoming the latest craze in the natural T-booster market, and so we decided to add the synergistic and adaptogenic properties of pine pollen to even further enhance their potency. There are no other blends in the world so powerful at this moment! 


All three of the herbs in this blend are individually the top 3 natural testosterone boosters available. When combined, they create a "1+1+1=4" synergy, that means they are far more effective together than they are separately.


Pine Pollen is full of bio-available phyto-androgens, including plant variations of testosterone, androsterone, DHEA and androstenedione. These are found in ratios unlike in any other natural substance. They are not identical to the human form of these herbs, meaning that the endocrine system does not shut down the body's own production. However the body still reacts physiologically to these plant variations in the same way as it would with the human variation.


Fadogia Agrestis is the new craze in the adrogenic arena. Even on its ownn this compound has been found to double levels of free testosterone in some reports. Anecdotal reports claim a significant increase in sexual indurance and testicle size.


Tongkat Ali has long been used to improve libido and energy, restore balance between cortisol and testosterone levels, and enhance sports performance and metabolism. It works by stimulating the production of lutenizing hormone, a hormone that regulates the production of testosterone.



Fadogia Agrestis + Indonesian Tongkat Ali + Pine Pollen Extract (30ml)

£17.95 Regular Price
£16.95Sale Price
  • Fadogia Agrestis Powder, Indonesian Tongkat Ali Powder, Pine Pollen Powder (cracked cell wall), Solvent (Alcohol)

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