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  • High Strength 1:1 Ratio.
  • Made from 100% organic wild harvested pinus massoniana lamb pine pollen, organic ginko biloba powder and alcohol.
  • Extended distillation.



BEST FOR: Erectile Dysfunction, Sexual Health, Anabolic Effects,


Sexual Health and Erectile Dysfunction

For erectile dysfunction and other related sexual condtions we strongly recommend our pine pollen and ginko biloba tincture. Often, but not always, erectile dysfunction is either a psychological issue or the result of aging and decline in vital hormones and nutrition.


Pine pollen not only works to deliver the nutrients the body needs to regain sexual performance, but also to deliver valuable androgenic hormones that decline with age. Ginko Biloba is a fantastic vehicle for delivering these vital supplements to the extremeties of the body as it significantly increases blood flow, whilst being an effective general energy booster. Like our other blends, these two herbs compliment each other well and synergize in to a powerful sexual health supplement.


Anabolic Performance

Much like sexual health supplements, for anabolic supplementation the main areas to focus on are ensuring that the muscles receive ample nutrition, androgens and blood flow. For this we recommend our pine pollen and ginko biloba formula.


The pine pollen brings testosterone, androsterone, DHEA and adrostenedione to the party, along with vitamins minerals and amino acids. The ginko biloba efficiently delivers this enriched blood to the muscles through increased circulation, whilst boosting overall energy. Simple.


Alcohol extraction is the superior means of obtaining the full benefits of pine pollen as the sublingual intake enables the phyto-androgens to enter the bloodstream at the base of the tongue.

BUY 3 GET 1 FREE! Pine Pollen + Ginko (30ml)

  • Our pine pollen and ginko biloba tinctures are made from 100% organic pinus massoniana lamb pine pollen and organic ginko biloba powder, using food grade alcohol as a solvent. Our product is distilled and packaged in our domestic facility under the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness. Each tincture is bottled inside a 30ml dark amber glass bottle.

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