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Proudly introducing our brand new formula, specifically tailored to female physiology. This is a fantastic blend for women who desire a boost in libido, energy and mood - but that don't want the masculinizing effects of increased testosterone. We have added a small amount of pine pollen for this reason, just enough to reap the benefits of it's adaptogenic properties, but not enough to cause androgenization.


For men who are using our products and who are either purposefully or indirectly experiencing the huge increase in libido, this is the perfect supplement to give your significant other, to ensure that their libido can match yours!


We carried out extensive research to make this aphrodisiac blend the most powerful natural blend available, trawling throught the latest sceintific findings and anecdotal reports. Not only do these ingredients cause a significant libido boost, but many of these compounds also double up as natural anti-depressants - lifting both mood and energy when taken for periods of roughly 18 days or more. This can ease common symptoms of PMT and chrnoic fatigue.


Below is a short summary of each ingredient. When blended together these ingredients create a synergistic "entourage" effect, resulting in a more potent blend than simply the sum of it's parts.



A potent adaptogen ensuring a tolerance to mental stress and a boost in mood and energy. This really primes the body and mind for an increase in libido and resilience.


Muira Puama

A highly potent sexual stimulant, muira puama has long been used by Amazonian tribes to increase libido, treat menstrual disorders and increase focus, drive and fertility.


Horny Goat Weed

An ancient chinese herb, used by men and women alike - by men as an effective treatment for ED, and by women to cause sexual arousal both physically and mentally. Other benefits are increased bone health, and can help with osteoporosis.



Another aphrodisiac native to south america, specifically used historically to treat anxiety, depression, headaches and sexual function disorders. It's is well known for causing a short term boost in cognitive function and increasing mental stamina.


Panax Ginseng

The best form of the famous ginseng plant, grown in south korea. This adaptogenic herb is very effective at promoting a relaxed mental state, balancing mood swings and blood pressure, strengthening the immune system and improving blood flow to the reproductive organs.


Pine Pollen

Our favourite "has it all" ingredient. We included a small amount of pine pollen for a minor boost in female testosterone, but not at levels that will cause any unwanted side effects. An anabolic boost will likely be felt, which will help in the gym and with weight loss, and also have benefits in the bedroom.


GENTLEMEN: If purchasing for your significant other, please be aware that this is a very potent aphrodisiac ....We strongly advise you to match her supplementation with your own cycle of one of our other blends!




"ALLURE" Female Libido Booster (50ML)

  • Our ALLURE female aphrodisiac is made from organic wild harvested Pinus Massoniana Lamb pine pollen, Ashwaganda Extract, Muira puama extract, Horny Goat Weed powder , Damiana Powder, Panax Ginseng Powder and using food grade alcohol as a solvent. Our product is distilled and packaged in our domestic facility under the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness. Each tincture is bottled inside a 50ml dark amber glass bottle.

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